Design Rationale

I have designed this website as a digital portfolio; an online space to evidence and archive primary and secondary artistic works produced as part of Caring to Listen.

I have endeavoured to make an easy to navigate, easy to use digital portfolio. I have used simple content organisation, clear headings and a sparse, but clearly titled navigation system, found at the top and bottom of each webpage.

I organise my artwork under primary and secondary categories. Each project contains a documentation of praxis which you can access by clicking through each link listed vertically in the second column, entitled click links below. These artefacts include audio files, documentation of praxis, funding applications, artists contracts and other relevant information.

I have decided not to embed audio on my landing page. While I frequently work with audio, over the last few years, my praxis has expanded to print and pedagogic protocols. Sound is still very important in my praxis. However, it is not the dominant medium, and I want the portfolio to reflect this.

Works included in this portfolio are socially engaged art projects. Documentation of praxis is not the same as artistic encounter. These experiences are unique to particular people, times, and places. In the absence of live encounter, I offer various forms of documentation to help describe my work.

If you want to engage in a live, context specific way with my work, I suggest you download and work with someone else, completing the activities outlined in The Convivial Listening Protocol.


Developing Listening Practices to Better Understand Experiences of Socially Engaged Artists From Working Class Backgrounds